Artisanal Wedding Flowers 


If you think all wedding flowers look the same, think again.

Anthesis Floral offers an alternative to the stiff, scentless flowers that have been refrigerated for days and shipped from across the world; flowers that have been bred for stiff stems, shipping durability and mass market appeal, rather than for scent, or curvaceous shapes.

Using materials grown on our small-scale flower farm in Galway, Ireland, or foraged from the nearby hedgerows, our arrangements are designed to delight all the senses, filled with delicate texture, fragrance and subtle colour-ways. Flowers that have been picked at the perfect stage of opening the day before your event have delicate beauty that blooms that have been subjected to early harvest, cold blast freezers and days wrapped up out of water don’t have.  Because very few flowers tolerate such treatment, varieties available from international wholesalers are limited, and many of the world’s most beautiful cut flowers are not available, simply because they require a bit more love.

We are delighted to offer these special flowers to couples in Galway and all of Ireland. We love styling all weddings, large or small, as well as elopements and LGBT weddings.


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