ABOUT the farm

The farm started from a desire to grow heirloom and unusual flowers that we couldn't find anywhere else.

We wanted blooms that were softer in shape, and delicate in colour. We envisioned a garden filled with perfumes, whether it was the heady scent of a summer rose or the evocative fragrance of sweet pea. A garden filled with the sound of happy bees as well as birds. We wanted to grow flowers that would spark joy in those who saw them, and enchant all the senses. We wanted roses yes, but not roses grown just for their stem length but rather the delightful, rambling beauties that captivate the imagination.

It is these farm-grown flowers that give our arrangements their wild, romantic look - an aesthetic that is nearly impossible to replicate without them. We hope our blooms will inspire you to explore what the different floral seasons have to offer, and help you discover new, surprising varieties. While the flower farm may be small, it is mighty and growing flowers is a core part of who we are. 

This upcoming season we will be offering over 25 varieties of garden roses, as well as sustainably-managed dahlias, sweet pea, cosmos, foxglove, clematis and so much more.

We are proud members of the Farmer Florist Collective as well as the Flower Farmers of Ireland

Please note: Farm tours are by appointment only

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Hours: 9am - 5pm

We offer fresh bunches of farm-grown flowers in our roadside farm stand, in sizes ranging from mini posies to beautiful bouquets. Stocked daily to ensure the freshest possible product.