Image: Into the Light Photography

Image: Into the Light Photography

About us


We are Juliana and James, and we are the husband and wife team behind Anthesis Floral. I met James while we were both studying sustainable horticulture in Cork and we have been together ever since. We started Anthesis Floral out of a desire to create something together, and work with Nature to improve our tiny corner of the world. We are growing on a small part of an existing, working farm and are working hard to raise awareness for Irish-grown flowers, as well as seasonally-led floral design.

Flower farming in Ireland isn’t easy or glamorous, and it can often test you to the limits of your patience and energy. We try to run our corner of the farm as sustainably as possible - as close to Organic as we can, without being officially certified. Pest control is largely done by nurturing beneficial insects, and plants are kept happy with regular applications of garlic tea and manure rather than artificial fertilizers. We firmly believe that happy soil = beautiful flowers, and we strive to run our flower field by that principle.

James focuses on the growing and infrastructure on the farm, and is always researching new innovations in plant health as well as planning new, more efficient growing systems. With years of horticultural and farming experience, as well as a background in design, he is a jack-of-all-trades who brings a unique perspective to both the flower farm as well as the hidden structures behind gorgeous large floral installations.

I am the floral designer behind Anthesis Floral, and I love bringing a natural, romantic floral aesthetic to each of my arrangements. Rambling, mature gardens as well as wild Irish hedgerows, are a constant source of design inspiration and I am always trying to capture their floral magic in my designs. By taking my cues from nature, I try to let the idiosyncrasies and personalities of each stem guide me.

I am the person on the other side of the computer, as well as on the other end of the phone when you contact Anthesis Floral. I also curate the varieties that we grow on the farm, carefully selecting flowers with unusual colours and delightful scents.

Thank you for your interest in our flowers, we hope they bring you the same delight that they give us.

Juliana & James